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Monsterpedia Entry. “A Chimeric Monster created by Promestein. An experimental being created to see how many tentacles could be controlled by a single brain.

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Kraken is the queen of the southern seas in Monster Girl Quest. The Kraken then returns her attention on Luka and attacks with Tentacle Caress, which is.

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She generally only uses her tentacles to force men to cum. Able to skillfully coil her tentacles around his penis, the Scylla can easily force any man to ejaculate.

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Meda is an insect monster encountered in Chapter 1 of Monster Girl Quest. Attacks. Tentacle: Normal attack, will trigger tentacle bukkake on losing.

The Roper Girl is a monster in Chapter 1 of Monster Girl Quest, who attacks Luka on The Roper Girl uses its many tentacles to wrap around her prey, and pulls. Monsterpedia Entry. “An aquatic monster that lives in the sea. The Jellyfish Girl usually feeds by grabbing men off of boats with her tentacle; she will also capture.