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Monsterpedia Entry. “The eldest of the three Lilith Sisters, who serve the legendary Great Whore of Babylon. She wields magical power that is beyond the compare.

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Powerful succubi who were defeated by Heinrich 500 years ago, Lilith & Lilim are twins who were entrusted by Black Alice to lead their race to a haven. Lilith is.

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Lilith & Lilim are first encountered in the parallel world 500 years ago, located beyond the Gold region Tartarus. They attack Succubus Village and are cornered.

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Character Statistics. Tiering: At least Low 2-C with High 2-A hax resistance. Verse: Monster Girl Quest. Name: Lilith sisters, Lilith, Astaroth, Morrigan. Gender:.

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However, after Luka takes on Lilith & Lilim at the Succubus Village they agree not to kill their 'livestock' and only drain them until they are severely weak, not that. “I am Morrigan, a much, much stronger succubus than Alma Elma.” Morrigan is a monster, boss and member of Lilith Sisters in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.