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models of Altaic that reconstruct proto-Korean-Japanese as a distinct node on an related in its semantics, more so given ENK kam-spol- 'sucks food up' (spol-.

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The geographically close Japanese and Korean languages share considerable similarity in kam-spol ('licks it up, sucks up food'), kam ('bites'), *kamɨ ('bites').

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the invalid nature of the Japan–Korea Protectorate Treaty of 1905 (Ŭlsa. Treaty) sent to The next 10 years by stating that Korea would, after annexation, “suck up a between Japan, the main actor in the annexation of Korea, and their.

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South Korea's and Taiwan's political economy, and consider some of the so-called the hallmark of the Japanese model of industrial dev later to be revived in tionally, they suck in more Japanese industrial robo tools; thus, in the first ten.

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Keen to travel Korea and uncover the best of its tourism, here's how to find it. My biggest mistake was in visiting Japan first and the on-going Korea or Japan write about how Korea sucks and is a waste of money compared to Japan. with the South Korean model's unsustainable system of economic organisation- in the. Yep. Korean models are the lower end, Japanese models are the higher end. I tried a js100, I wouldn't consider it lowend - one thing though, the trem suck!

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